Ease of mind with eSecuritel’s accidental insurance for Nokia USA purchased handsets

It is safe to assume that anyone with a mobile phone has had at least one or multiple accidents with the device.  Whether it’s just a drop onto the pavement or an accidental plunge in soda, I know the feeling after it occurred. A mobile device in the US usually comes with the one year warranty and on NokiaUSA.com you can purchase an extended warranty which will cover additional year.  However, this warranty does not include lost, stolen or broken devices, which basically means you would have to repurchase the handset. I came across a banner today when I trying to look for the E7 announcement.

It’s similar to an accidental damage warranty that you purchase for major appliances or electronics from the major electronic retailer.  Basically, it gives the user an ease of mind that when an accident like a broken touch screen on your device occurs you don’t have to pay the full price to repurchase it.  It can be costly to replace an unsubsidized device.  I contacted eSecuritel to inquire about insuring my Nokia N8 device and the friendly CSR explained to me that for an N8, which retails for US$549, the monthly premium will cost you $5.99.  The deductible for the N8 would be $125.  I have an example below when you need to replace your N8 unit with and without the insurance option.  You’ll notice having the accidental insurance your replacement unit is around US $160.94 which is a savings of US $388.06, if you had to repurchase the N8 unit at full price.

Device Retail Cost Accident w/o eSecuritel Insurance Accident w/

eSecuritel Insurance

Out of pocket expense (after 6 months owning device)
Nokia N8 US $549 US$ 549 N/A US $ 549
Nokia N8 US $549 N/A US $125 +(US $5.99/month premium) US $125 + 6x US $5.99= US $ 160.94
Savings US $388.06
  • Note:

o   The comparison above is based on an example.  Actual cost of premium, deductible and saving can be greater or lower than in the table above and it varies per handset.  Please visit eSecuritel’s website or contact their customer support for an accurrate price quote.

o   NokiaInnoviation is not responsible for any changes in the information given or has anything to do with the actual purchase of the insurance.

The easiest way to purchase the eSecuritel’s insurance through eSecuritel website or by contacting their customer support (877-748-7794).  You’ll need the proof of purchase with IMEI number and credit card to enroll to the program and your premium will be deducted every month.  I was informed that for the time being, only Nokia USA purchases can take advantage of this program and it’s available for the USA it is NOT offered in CA, NY or WA at this time.

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