New York City N8 Meetup

On November 2nd, WomWorld organized a N8 meetup at the Overlook Lounge in New York City. WomWorld brought enough phones for everyone. In fact, every attendee was given a N8 for the night, and a bracelet for the open-bar. The phones all had to be returned at the end of the evening.

Many local area bloggers were present including Mark Guim of, Keith of, Serko from, Cary Ang of TheNokiaPhoneBlog, and Daniel Silver of Also on hand were Nokia executives and folks from WomWorld.

Halfway into the evening, Chanse Arrington, a product manager from Nokia hooked up his N8 to a large HD TV, and showed off the gaming features of the N8 before announcing a contest to give away a N8. The game “Angry Birds” was fired-up on the N8, and he explained the rules: contestants had one shot to complete as many levels in “Angry Birds” as possible. The person with the highest points would win the free N8.
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Jen, a guest, won the free N8, and promised she would share her experiences about the N8. You can follow her musings on Twitter (@jen_ny10021).
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Thank you Nokia and WomWorld for a wonderful evening!

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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