How to get Shazam installed legally on your N8-00 in the US.

Many of us in the US are already familiar with the music-tagging app Shazam (@shazam) (Symbian S60v5, Android, iOS). Each time I get a new mobile phone, I always try to get a music-tagging app installed on my device.  I have my Nokia N8 for almost a month and I couldn’t install Shazam because the app was unavailable in the US Ovi store.  I was lucky I had an old Shazam sis file saved on my laptop and was able to install it onto my mobile.


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Sorry, this item is not available for the Nokia N8-00.
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by: Shazam Ent Ltd.

Earlier tonight when I opened the TuneWiki app, and I saw an ad for Shazam on the bottom of the TuneWiki Community tab. I noticed that the ads update themselves so in case you missed it, you can reopen TuneWiki and it should reappear. I clicked on the ‘Lovin’ that tune? Get Shazam free’ banner, which opened Ovi Store page for Shazam.  Since I already had it installed previously, the launch button instead of the download button appeared on the Ovi app page.  I decided to uninstall the app to see whether I am able to download it legally.  After clicking on the ad in TuneWiki, the Ovi store app appeared but this time with the download button.  This is the 30 day trial version of Shazam and I was able to tag a song on the XM radio station I was listening to.

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In order for you to get Shazam on your N8 you must download TuneWiki first.  Let us know if this work around worked for you and feel free to leave any feedback on Shazam and/or TuneWiki, or this article.

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Lenny Bonsignore
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  1. OK, If I don`t want this app… I have and want to uninstall but no way… annoying it`s pushing, I don`t like app, and don`t want that crap i my phone

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