Symbian S60v5 compatible apps For Nokia N8

Here’s a list of apps I compiled that I currently have running on my N8.

Gravity was the first app I installed after receiving my N8 during the QT developers track (  I haven’t used Gravity since Christmas Day 2009, that’s when I switched from my N97 to the N900.  At Nokia World 2010 I had a chance to meet with Gravity’s author Jan Ole Suhr (@janole) and warned him I need to switch IMEI for my Gravity license.  The IMEI swap was quick and the confirmation email had a link for downloading the full version.   I am quite happy that Jan did not charge me for IMEI swapping or making me purchase another Gravity license.  I would have had no objections to repurchase or pay an IMEI swapping fee so for such a great app.

There are a handful of Symbian^3 (S^3) apps in the Ovi Store, I will not go into further review of these apps, but instead I will focus on Symbian S60v5 touch screen (N97mini, 5800) apps that run on my Symbian^3 device.

Skype for Symbian is not available in the US Ovi Store probably it’s due to the Verizon exclusivity.  Just last week Skype for Android was released and this might be a positive sign that we eventually will be able to get Skype for Symbian officially from the US Ovi Store.  After a week of searching and trying different version of Skype, I downloaded Skype for Symbian version 1.1 that works on the N8.

Fring 4.4.13 I have downloaded the one from the Ovi Store (4.4.09) and it would hang & I cannot make any video or audio calls.  IM portion was working without any issues.  I went to their website from the N8’s web browser ( and downloaded the latest version of the app and have been making video and audio calls even to Fring users who are on iPod Touch/iPhones (iOs) and even to Fring Android users.

Qik lite v.1.0.56 I had an old file and installed it on the N8 and it works great.  Martyn Brett (@martynbrett) noticed something weird that Qik is not searchable in Ovi store but you can download it via the Ovi Top Apps application.

Evernote I installed the Evernote_070302.wgz file that also works on my N97.

Shazam I really missed not having a music-tagging app on the N900. I downloaded the Shazam5800.sisx file from the web.  Although this is not the unlimited version, it allows you to tag 5 songs a month, which is suffient.  Recently, Instinctiv Player added a taglib functionality to their player which was filling the void for a Shazam like app for N900.

Other note worthy Symbian S60 v5 apps:

Best Screen snap


Opera Mobile 10

Opera Mobile Mini web browser 5.1

Here is a list of other ideas for apps, Thanks to @gerrymoth for compiling it.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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