Nokia N8 or E7 You Decide.


Today Nokia officially announced the Nokia E7 the next communicator,
its a 4″ amoled display with cdb (clear Black Display), full slide out qwerty, 8mp camera and much more full specs here.

They also have the Nokia N8 coming out at the  end of Sept ., which puts me in a dilemma, the Nokia N8 is a 3.5 ” amoled screen, with 12 mp camera and xenon Flash, and much more also, full specs here. They both have very similar specs which makes this a very hard choice.

NOKIA N8 +’S                               NOKIA E7 +’S

– 12 mp camera                                –  4″ cdb amoled display

– xenon flash                                     –  full slide out qwerty

– memory card slot                       –  more on board phone memory

– all accessories included

So which 1 will you go for, I think I am Leaning towards the Nokia N8, the 12mp and the xenon, plus memory card slot does it for me.

Would love to hear your thoughts.