Are You Ready for Nokia World 2010?


Yesterday I received a mysterious package from DHL and its from the great guys at WOM World Nokia.

Opened the packaged and Tada..

Nokia World 2010 Virtual Event Gear..

Nokia World Event gear includes our Nokia World10 Bag, Lanyard with Press Card, Nokia World Event Tee, and Numrous 3D Glasses. Don’t know what the 3D glasses for but they said their going to be useful.

Thank You so much WOM World Nokia for the surprise Nokia World Event Gear. We know you wish us to be there but can’t accommodate everyone. Thanks again and also for Nokia on setting this Virtual Event for us Nokia Fans who couldn’t go to this Biggest Event. Hoping we get a chance to go next year.

Anticipation Arise.. 4 more hours.. Need to go to bed now and get some sleep so I can wake up early 4am EST for Nokia World 2010.

Oh you know I’m ready.. gwapz signing off

Catch the Nokia World 2010 Keynote Presentation LIVE at London UK 4am EST US at