New Firmware upgrade for E72 V51.018


The guys over at Mobilelivingroom are saying that Nokia will be releasing a major firmware upgrade for the E72 in a few days via NSU or OTA the version is V51.018 and the improvements and changes are expected to be huge. Hopefully some more stability and Better handling of ram.

Improvements and changes

  • – browser upgrade to V.7.2.6
  • – QuickOffice to V.6.2.439
  • – misic client update
  • – Lotus Notes traveller V.8.5.1 included
  • – OVI store 1.6
  • – new chat functionalities added
  • – Microsoft Office Communicator added
  • – Nokia Messaging and  Nokia Chat 2.0 added
  • – email, calendar and contacts improved
  • – performance and stability improvements
  • – localisation corrections
  • – menu layout changes and reorganisation of several apps