Can the Nokia C6 Camera quality compete with the likes of the N and E Series class?

I’ve been testing the 5MP camera on the Nokia C6.  Just wanted to share and hear the thoughts and opinions of the readers. Can this new mid-range class of smart phone the Nokia C6 hang with the likes of the N and E Series class of camera phones?

Let the Nokia C6 camera do the talking..

Please let me know your opinion.. Are my photos good enough quality like the ones from OviJade N97mini or THE_TRUTH34 E73mode?

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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  1. I am not impressed by the quality of the pictures my C6 takes, I am an amature photographer and have played with the settings on the C6 but cant seem to get a single decent picture from it. It is next to useless indoors as the flash is about as useful as holding up a candle for extra light.

  2. when looking at the images you posted as they are it seems they can easily keep up with the Eseries line.

    but when i click the photos to view the full size or larger version i am taken to even smaller thumbnails so i cant look closely.

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