What you Thought about Nokia Made in China


Tell me.. When you hear of a product that is Made in China. What goes through head?

“Fake”, “Knock Offs”, “Cheap”, “Low Quality”

These are the most stereotype words when you hear a Made in China product..

I myself got a little annoyed when Nokia limits exporting phones Made in Finland to the US. A lot of the US version Nokia phones these days are Made in China.

The immediate thought that goes through my head is “Their probably have contractors in China that makes their phones. Sort of like Foxconn which is hired by Apple to make their iPhone.

Sounds kind of cheap right? Products not really made by the Manufacturer but actually hired Contractors to do it.

Nokia has proven me wrong again.. Take a look at this video..

All I can say is WoW.. This has change my vision towards Nokia Made in China. Hope yours too..

Now stop it with the Gotta be Made in Finland crap!! A Nokia is Nokia.. Just better watch out for “NIKIA” or “NOKLA”

gwapz.. signing off..