Nokia N97 Gets Official Release to Certain Countries


The most hyped Nokia Flagship Phone the N97 has Finally been Released from the motherland..

That’s right.. To only certain countries to be exact. Countries like Singapore, Finland, United Arab of Emirates, etc.. to start off..

Other countries such as US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.. will follow suite. (According to Nokia)

While scanning the world wide web of mobile sites I have found numerous new owners of this device and their 1st hand experience..

Take a look at this one. Click Here.

Hmmmnnn.. A very promising device indeed.. Well we shall see after couple of weeks when the hands on reviews start popping up from users and Mobile Sites.

Matter of fact… Our good friend Lenny “aka” THETRUTH has pre-ordered one from Dell. As soon as it arrives, do tune in on this blog cause this is the 1st place you will get your 1st dib of his 1st impression of the device..

Really looking forward to this one.. Hope you are too..

Let us know what you think.. Post your comments, opinions, or request on what you would like Lenny to cover on this device.

gwapz signing off..