N85 vs N95-4 ui speed

There is alot going on in Howard forums , discussion about the lastest nseries and the current nseries, and the complaints seem to be that the n85 and the n96 which i do not have is that the ui is slower due to the smaller processors. Below i have a little video showing the 2 in action, please excuse the confusion i called the n85 the 8gb and vice versa but i didnt have time to edit video so i left it as is to show noithing was tampered with. You guys can be the judge and see if the n85 or the n95-4 is the faster of the 2.

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  1. Brother, you had no method at that review. Both phones should be formated before the test. I did the contacts test. I waited to hear the sound of clicking in the video and just then pressed the button. My N95-4 went faster the N85 and waaay faster then your N95, it was instantanious (I have a 120 numbers phonebook, it is not really too much, but it’s enough). About the GPS, I have a havier version, the 3.0 beta, and it still went faster than your N95, almost as fast as the N85 (which is obviously empty disked).

  2. My N95 8GB is not that slow :S. How is yours so slow? And mind you..it did slow up from the start..coz I have loaded it up with Apps

  3. Great comparison Truth. From what i could tell the N85 does look a slight quicker if not just as quick as the N95 8gb. The transitions look very smooth and really dont seem to slow down the N85 at all.

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