I have received a trial N85 from wom world and I have been playing with it for about 2 weeks now and would like to post my thought s on this device.

Design and build quality

The n85 is a dual slider from Nokia, similar to the n95 series, with a few added enhancements, the slide is now spring assisted and has a nice feel when sliding the phone open, the model I received has a little play in the slider when phone is slid open and when you are touching dpad it makes a clicking sound, where is when I had the apac version it was solid as a rock and had no play, so it seems just like the sliders before this model, it’s a hit or miss (shame on you Nokia).

The n85 has illuminated buttons that are completely smooth to the touch and will fade out when not in use. The send and end buttons are raised and are in a vertical position, which I particularly like. They added a camera lens cover and the 3.5mm jack is now on top along with the micro usb charging port, which I feel they missed the boat on this one, I love the usb charging I just don’t love it on top with the 3.5mm jack, its very inconvenient when charging the phone and answering a call, because now the wire is hanging over the top of the phone and gets in the way when sliding the phone open to dial or answer a call.

The phone has a nice glossy black finish with basically plain front, which at first can strike you as dull, until you see the phone at night in all its glory, it’s a very classy slim device that fits nice in the hand and has a solid feel.
Overall I am very pleased with the build quality (slider aside), and the look and feel of the device.


The n85 has a beautiful 2.6 oled screen that produces 16 million colors that is pure beauty, The colors are very deep and rich and when compared to my n95-4 its like night and day. It is also very visible in direct sunlight.

Software & Performance

The n85 comes with Fp2, and although from videos and pictures it may not seem like much, there are a lot of nice added enhancements and features.

1- Automatic access points now automatically detect the best connection.
2- Full screen or a much larger screen caller id
3- Full screen browsing in landscape mode
4- media keys have zoom in and zoom out buttons when browsing in landscape mode.
5-Every screen has the option of pulling up all open applications.
6- Nice menu transitions
7- Power save mode, when you tap the power button.
8- Phone automatically goes into power save mode when in low battery.
9- Images and video are now separate.
10- Several enhancements to the homes screen and ways to view it.
11- 2.0 usb transfer speeds

I just named a few there are many more, and im sure plenty I haven’t realized yet.

The performance of the n85 I found to be excellent, even with the transitions on I felt the speed was faster than my n95-4. I love how fast the pictures load, how smooth you can scroll thru them using the navi wheel which adds a cool affect, and how smooth the zooming in and out of images are.
The menus and applications open fairly quickly and with the transitions on it adds a nice appealing affect to the device.

Music and video

I found the music quality on the n85 to be very good, its richer and more fuller sounding then my n95-4 and has a bit more volume, im not an audiophile, But to me this can definitely be my main music device with its 28hrs of music playback and its crisp clear quality.

The video playback of the n85 is very reminiscent of the n95, quality to me is the same and the videos and bitrate it can handle was also, I like the fact that now you can continue a video where you left off as apposed to trying to remember where or just restarting the video. The stereo speakers are very clear and has a nice volume, the n95-4 still trumps it here but the n85 compared to anything else will give any device a fight to the death.

Camera and video recording

The camera on the n85 is basically the same as on the n95, n96, n82 (without xenon)
The pictures are crisp and clear, and can replace some stand alone digital cameras for point and shoot daytime photos. The n85 also sports a dual led which helps night photos, but a xenon would have truly made this device unstoppable.

The video recording of the n85 is very good, same as the n95 or n82, the added feature here is the dual led flash which can be used for video recording at night.


The N85 also has a built in gps, and I must say lock times are excellent, I usually get a lock in about 10-15 seconds, and you don’t need to slide it open to get a lock, I also like the fact that when in landscape mode the multi media keys display zoom in and zoom out buttons.

Overall Impressions

My over all impressions of the n85 is that Nokia has improved a lot on the n95’s series. With the added enhancements from fp2, is it much of an improvement in the hardware department NO, but has i
t improved on its software and design and added features most definitely.

1- Finally usb charging
2- Finally a pocket able device
3- Finally camera cover once again
4- Finally excellent battery life
5- Finally a decent price point
6- Finally triband hspda
7- Finally 3.5mm jack on top
8- Much improved screen
9- Much improved music playback
10- Finally pictures and video separate
11- Finally full screen caller id

I highly recommend the n85 if you haven’t a nseries device or if you want to try the latest nseries, or if you can sell your n95 and use the funds to get the n85.

Just a few side notes, there seems to be a bug with the n85 when using a Bluetooth headset, when I receive a call the person on the other end complains of a tremendous amount of back round noise, no matter where I am. When I call them back from same exact area all is fine just seems to be on in coming calls thru a Bluetooth headset.

Call Quality incoming and outgoing are excellent, loudspeaker is sufficient.