Nokia Email Service Chat Conversation Recap


Updating you guys on what happen at the Nokia Email Service Chat Conversation..

First let me say sorry if some of your questions were not answered.

I’m just posting a keynote of the Question and Answer portion.. If you didn’t find your answer Please kindly post a comment, I will try my best to give you an explanation.

Thank You.. Here it goes..

“*Price on Nokia Email when it comes out of Beta?

NES Product Mgr: We haven’t announced pricing, but we’re working directly with operators to make the costs bundled as part of the data plan.

*HTML Support?

NES Product Mgr: We know a lot of people want this, we’re actively working on it, and this is one of the “haven’t announced specifically when it arrives”.

*When will Nseries phones have the notification pop up on the home screen like the one on Eseries phones?

NES Product Mgr 1: In the inbox, users can define how they want to see the messages — with a preview of the subject line (which shows more of each email, but fewer messages), or on a single line view (shows more messages, less content of each).

NES Product Mgr 2: the home screen behavior on N-Series devices for displayed email is a function of the phone series (N-Series/E-Series), we’re supporting what the phone supports.”

*Google Apps Support?

NES Product Mgr: We’ve been hearing that a lot – we’re implementing it and it will be released in an upcoming version.

*Is it possible to sync more than 3 Days of Data?

NES Product Mgr: On the Nokia Email server, we store the past three days of email. When you first get your email set up, you received these three days’ worth of messages. The “Remove older than” settings allows you to decide how much email to store on your phone. These messages are stored on your device and consume memory.

*Why do I always gets kicked out of Nokia Email and asked us to login with our password?

NES Product Mgr: we’re looking into this bug right now…. it’s affecting a small portion of our users.

*How about the choices of choosing IMAP or POP to use on Nokia Email? Basically be able to provide advance settings?

NES Product Mgr: Our system is supposed to autodetect that. Send Feedback for more issues.”I hope I helped some of you guys out with your request and inquiries..

As for bug complaints such as the disconnection bug, According to the NES Product Managers those need to be posted on the feedback section, and their currently working on fixing them.

Like I said before, Nokia Email Service has a huge potential if they continue to work with the consumers request.. That’s what its all about.. Its all about the consumers.

What do you guys think of the future of Nokia Email Service? Chime in and post your comments..

gwapz signing off…