Nokia Email Service Beta 3 Update


It has been 11 days ever since I blogged about this, and I haven’t been updating you guys with what’s been going on after the Beta 3 was launched..

There has been a lot of conversation going on over at Howard Forums regarding this new Beta 3 Update..

Feel free to join the conversation.. Click here.

Now that Beta 3 has been up and running for about 2 weeks now, its time for user feedback..

Thanks again to WOM World Nokia for setting up/organizing a Q&A for myself and to the Nokia Email Service Product Managers..

I will be the bridge to get the comments to right people.

So please post any inquiries, questions you guys have in mind, bug problems, additional features you want added on future Beta or the final versions.

Post em.. I will try my very best to put em in my own word and ask em..

Basically this is just to help out Nokia so they can address these issues and improve the future beta or the final version.

I will take any questions before 5pm GMT Wednesday October 22nd.

Also I will post the Q&A keynote over here.. So better tune in..

I also have a unboxing surprise tonight.. So Don’t miss that!!

gwapz signing out..