I am continuing my views on why the n95 replaces many of my gadgets as advertised, today i will show how it replaces my standalone gps.

The beauty of the portable device is, it goes everywhere with you,you have many more resources and can update it frequently. I mean i have nokia maps, google maps, garmin xt 5.0 and the internet all combined for information i need, i also have the ability to call while navigating, using bluetooth or car speakers and listen to my mp3’music.

The garmin xt 5.0 is the latest software for the 3rd edition, it has some nice changes, i like the smooth interface.

Garmin xt 5.0

I also like the fact that they add a google search which makes searching for addresses or places of interest so much more accurate.


You can also check flight status, weather, fuel prices, hotel prices,traffic all with garmin online.
You can answer text from screen and calls and it works seamlessly.

The navigation is smooth, the voice is very loud, and it transitions nicely with the auto zoom feature and has a turn preview which pops up when u need to make your most current turn(love it). I also love the auto mode which automatically changes the screen from day view to night view.

I would definitely recommend Garmin it is my favorite, has an awesome interface and the mapping is clear and precise, also when not in navigation follows you the way you are going unlike nokia maps which has you every which way when driving unless you are in navigation mode.

If you are interested you can get it Here.

Here are a few more screen shots. Hope you enjoy.