Nokia Open Lab 08 Helsinki Updatde Day 2

Day 2 started where we had to wake up 6:30am for breakfast and prepare for the 1st day of the Nokia Open Lab Workshops.

Well people didn’t really follow the schedule, as I came down around 7am and found myself the only one at the reception lounge. I asked the receptionist staff if they have seen the Nokia Open Lab attendees and they told me I was the first one to come down.

So around 7:30 – 8am other attendees started coming down, again a little chit chat while having some Continental breakfast buffet at the Hotel Restaurant Ilmatar which the food was really good.

At around 9am the WOM World crew escorted us to the Rake Hall to start off the Workshop.

Rake hall was looking great, as soon as you get in food is the first thing you see inside.. lolz. The hall consist of 4 separations of tables which we were divided into 4 different groups.

The workshop started with Facilitator James Whatley and his views about Social Networking. After the brief explanation we all got an assignment to jot down on what to improve Social networking in the near future. After 45 mins of group talk, the groups chooses their leader on who’s going to present their philosopy of the future of Social Networking.

Second workshop was with Facilitator Glenn Letham and his views about the evolving use of Geo-spatial content creation. Same as usual we got an assignment to jot down our timeline of use of GPS and the Geo-spatial content, what to improve on the future of GPS, and what is the best features worth paying for in GPS use. Again same as usual we had a 45 mins of group talk then choose our group presentor to present our case group by group about our views on the future of GPS technology.

Break for 15 mins.. WoW!! I was terribly sleepy.. Needed some caffeine and redbull, my head was definitely in NY time..

Third workshop was with Facilitator Ann Toole and her views about the evolving Entertainment and Multimedia aspect. Same as usual we got another assignment to jot down our views about the future of Entertainment and Multimedia Industry, 45 mins of group talk then chhose our group presentor to present our case group by group about our views on the future on Entertainment and Multimedia Industrty.

Finally our last workshop for the day was with Facilitator Chris Moore and his views about the Bussiness Management. The future on the ease of use of work ethics. Same as usual like the other three workshops we got an assignment and presented our tool and views to improve the ease of use of business management.

The Workshop Day 1 ended when the organizers told us to prepare ourselves for the Official Nokia Open Lab 2008 Party tonight at Ahjo Bar which is located at the 1st level of the hotel. Ahjo Bar was reserve for us Nokia Open Lab attendees and Nokia employees for 7pm – 10pm, we were given 3 free tickets for our drinks, and the food was as usual good Finnish cuisine and its buffet.

While the workshop day 1 ended a bit early we had a little free time to tour the city or do the Finnish Sauna. Was really looking forward for the Sauna, but since very little people chose the Sauna, I decided to go with the group of guys who toured the Nokia Flagship Store Helsinki where I got a chance to play with proto versions of the Nokia N85 and the Nokia N79.

At around 7pm.. The Party Started @ Ajho Bar!!

Met a lot of Nokia Employees chit chat and drinking the local Finnish beer. Awesome night!!

There was even a Nokia launching of the Nokia Legends Marketing by the SVP of Nokia Hekkei Nourta. (Which you guys know I’m involved with)

Great night!! met up with a jaiku friend who is also a Nokia employee Carol Chen “aka” Cybette.

At around 1:00am fellow attendees me, Brian Nakamoto, Mike Maddaloni and Steve Dembo decided to take a night walk to see the city of Helsinki..

We came across this Food Stand on the street and decided to grab a bite. (great way to taste the local foods of Finland) Me and Mike had this tasty double burger with sunny side up egg inside, I don’t know what type of meat was that but it was helluva tasty burger. While Brian had the local frank (hotdog), and Steve got a Gyro.

Got back to the hotel at around 2:30am me, Mike, and Steve just decided to call it a night while Brian was still on a party mode.

Nothing to worry about tomorrow as Workshop Day 2 doesn’t start at 11am.

So just got into my room and just crashed..

Night.. Night…

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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