Rumored Nseries Phones Finally Goes Official With an Extra Treat for us NAM users

Yes you read that right, the rumored phones Nokia N79 and N85 finally goes official and specs are nothing interesting compare to the past Nseries phones.

Check em out click here.

For some reason Nokia keeps on juicing/milking the life out of the Nokia N95 specs. The Nseries phones that have been coming out from Nokia lately don’t have the WOW factor no more.

As for the Bonus treat that I mentioned on my title, Nokia also introduced a NAM version of the so called predecessor of the Nokia N95 the Nokia N96 NAM.

Click here for more details.

In my opinion I really don’t call the N96 a predecessor from the N95, I mean come on both phones have the same 5MP CZ lens Camera. Where is the upgrade on that?

Well the only advantage I see the N96 gaining is it packs 16GB Internal Memory and an expansion slot for more more memory, USB 2.0 which was lacking on the previous Nseries device, OS Featured Pack 2 which we see from the N78 now. Its relatively new so expect some bugs and errors, but I heard it is backward compatible with OS Featured Pack 1 applications so that should be good.

The Main disadvantage to me is battery life.. Come on Nokia? The reason you guys ditch the BL5F 950mah battery on the N95 was because it won’t even last a day and your battery is drained and now you repeat the same for the N96!! What’s the matter with you guys?

Oh you guys are going to release another version with a BL6F battery eh? That’s is just wrong!!

I guess you guys can just hope Samsung doesn’t release a US version of the INNOV8 cause you guys know those soon to be N96 users will be jumping ship to Samsung..

Like I said the N96 to me is a dead on arrival device cause Samsung has set the standard on the S60 market..

This should be interesting.. Lets see how these two rivals plays out..

Give us your comments..

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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