Out of all the 3 Nokia Phones that were Launch, Who is the winner?

We all know that Nokia has lost its WoW factor.. But their gotta be something good about these phones.

So Which is the best phone out of these 3?

In my Opinion.. Base on our needs in the US market..

Lets start with the N96 NAM, a total disappointment as I said before, Downgrade on the battery, downgrade on the CPU speed I don’t know what to tell you guys other than its going to be priced around $800 USD..

N79 to me is a disappointment as well, I don’t see the point of this device’s existence. Its a downgrade from the N82 camera (In my opinion Xenon Flash is the best flash and it doesn’t matter if you put 3 led flash in there), I will definitely pick the N78 over the N79 for one reason US 3G love, the only reason for me to pick this device is the simplicity of the keypads. I am not too fond of the N78’s complicated keypad. But to me it really comes down to 3G.

N85 to me is the winner out of all these 3 phones… Why? 2’6 screen size on a plush screen is beautiful, new AMOLED screen, The is the 1st Nokia Triband 3G WCDMA meaning we US consumers don’t have to suffer with US version, EU version, etc.. This N85 is the true Nokia World Phone.

As you have seen no WOW factor at all hmmmnn maybe a little on the N85’s AMOLED screen, but its definitely a change of scenery not too much but definitely enough to keep us entertained, I don’t know how long but it will.

FYI: I haven’t played with the device other than the Nokia N96 EU version @ the Evening with S60 Boston. So I just base my opinion and comparison on the specs sheet I read.

Check em out.. Click here.

Now tell us what you think and give us your opinion…

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