My Early Morning Defense for Nokia

This article really got me fired up, early in the morning and I haven’t even gotten my caffein/coffee yet.

Thanks to illmatic416 for posting this on Howard forums.

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My apologies if this blog entry of mine is all about my rant trying to defend Nokia. I tell you I will defend Nokia if the definition of defense is due.

Now lets start..

How can you even put the iPhone on the league of the Smartphones?

Yes it can browse the web, WOW!! I am so impress I don’t know how happy I am to know it can do that. Seriously I have been browsing the web from my phone since the Nokia 7210, 6610 era and that was like 5yrs ago, and to top things up those aren’t even smartphones their basic mid range Nokia phones.

Define Smartphone?

My definition of smartphone is a mobile phone that can multitask not dual task but multi meaning running numerous application at the same time.

So they call the Apple iPhone a smartphone, again yes it can browse the web, so does my grandma. Let me give you guys a scenario..

A man is browsing on his iPhone while he waits for the page to load he listens to his music on the iPhone, suddenly he gets a phone call (Now from my understanding the page loading will pause while the man is having a conversation on the phone) the person he was talking to over the phone asked him to do him a solid favor to check the web on his phone right now and find him the nearest barber shop on the neighborhood he provided. The man says, I’m gonna have to call you back for the answer, as I can’t browse and have a conversation with you at the same time. (end of story)

Now just take a look at my scenario.. Apple iPhone a smartphone? Yeah.. You better think again.. A phone that can browse the web doesn’t mean its a smartphone.


Quoted from the Article provided..
“The user interface known as S60 that Nokia built atop Symbian for its best phones lacks Apple’s ease of use. Research firm Perceptive Sciences asked 10 people to send e-mails from an iPhone and an N95. On average, the task took individuals two and a half minutes with the iPhone and twice as long on the N95. Only half of the people could even manage to send an e-mail on the N95.”

What’s so hard about sending an email from an S60 phone? I really find this surprising since they have like 3 messaging icons on default now on the Home Screen, they must be using a 3650.

You just go to message, type a text message and when your ready to send it will prompt you 3 options Email, MMS, SMS easy as that..

Now try sending sending an MMS from an iPhone.. Oh that’s right, it doesn’t have that feature and again they call this thing a smartphone, maybe its not so smart after all. I mean I can details things down for you guys and at the end the iPhone will still be disappointment.

I am very disappointed of the people from the Silicon Valley for making such a comment as they are being blinded by Apple fake marketing over hyped phone.

The bottom line is the problem is not on Nokia phones, the problem goes deeper to the Nokia Marketing Dept. failing to market the high end phones such as the Nseries on the US Market.

As for Apple’s success on marketing the iPhone I give them credit for that as they did a fine job. Hoping for Nokia to have that success in the US Market. Heck they even fooled people from the Valley, that’s how good their are.

What do you guys think about the article provided.. I would love to hear comments..

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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