Let me start off by saying this, I know this has been written about time again, but it is worth reiterating. My n95-4 to me is by far the most complete handset around, i mean it has everything you can ask for. Ok before i get attacked remember i said to “ME” its the most complete. I didn’t say the prettiest , or the best ui or the sexiest looking i said “most complete”.

I took a trip to Mystic Connecticut last weekend, also to Jones beach in long island Newyork and all i had was my n95-4 to do everything. I mean to play my music, guide me thru gps, capture photos and videos, surf the internet, listen to Radio ect… and it did not disappoint. I plugged in the address to Mystic Connecticut on my gps, put my phone in landscape mode to expose the media buttons, and i was off. What i love about the media buttons is that while i am driving i can play my music, fast forward to next song or replay previous song, without ever having to go back to my music menu and then lose my gps screen, all this can be done while navigating (which i find amazing).
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When i arrived in Mystic i searched on google maps and my gps for nearest restaurants, and attractions and it led me to many things. I turned on my camera and took many shots and a few videos, to capture what Mystic was about and i uploaded them to my ovi account and was able to share the moment to my family at home while i was still there.
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I guess i’m just writing this because many devices have been coming out and many of them are very nice devices, but when you measure them to the n95-4 or any of the n95 models something is always missing. The devices that come out might have great ui, but lack in the camera and video dept, or have a great email implementation , but lousy multi media capabilities, the n95-4 isn’t the greatest at everything, but it is the most complete from top to bottom.
I would love to hear comments on what device they think is more complete and why.

click here for more pics of Mystic.

Mystic Drawbridge

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