Introducing Nokia E71 Unboxing Video


Spare the rookie.. This is my 1st Unboxing video. Anyhow the experience was awesome! I was so excited to open the package, then when I finally saw the phone all I can say was WOW.. (speechless)

My 1st Impression…

The built was awesome! Can’t believe I’m holding the thinnest smart phone in the world, the keypad got the best tactile feedback I have ever felt, hmmmnn.. What else.. That’s all for now.. Do keep on tune on my upcoming in depth review.. Give me a week to fully test the phone.

All I can say is WOW!! Kudos to Nokia’s Eseries group!!

Enjoy my Nokia E71 Unboxing Video (Recorded by a Nokia N95)

Also thanks to WOM World Nokia for letting us trial this phone. Without them this video will not exist right now..