1st Major Nokia E71 bug/issue with the Camera


While browsing Howard Forums I came across with this thread.. Thanks to member evilfoo for reporting and posting this problem, and it seems all E71 owners have notice this problem as well after evilfoo reported it. This is not good, I can understand if the E71 is Featured Pack 2, but its not.. Let me not jump to conclusion and examine this issue myself.

Wait a minute…

Why would you even zoom 80% and take a picture on a camera with a digital zoom?

Anyways let me not get into that..

Quick Update on what’s been going on.. E71 is coming today, so you know I will be busy tonight working on the unboxing video. I am pretty excited myself.

Just got an update with my N82 as well. Its just being shipped out today.. So will probably get it Saturday or Monday to be latest.

Please keep on tune with my updates…