Hopeless E71 US 3G, Consumers Jump Ship Over the Asian and European Version

Waiting.. Waiting.. Waiting.. I am so sick and tired of waiting for the US 3G version of the E71 to come out. So many delays that Nokia can’t even explain. Few members at Howard Forums have already jump shipped to the E71 Asian Version to finally get the phone, click here to read up on the building frustration of Howard Forum members trying to get a hold of the E71 US 3G. I myself thinking really deep right now, just emailed WOM World Nokia if they can still give me one to trial, if no response throughout the day, I might jump ship too and buy the E71 from eBay seller “rose528400” who is selling it for $500 USD plus $18 shipping with a free upgrade to an Overnight Shipping. Plus I can use the Live Search discount to get me 25% cash back on the purchase. The price is really tempting considering the final value of the phone is $389 when you get the cash back.

This is another failure on Nokia’s marketing.. I am now starting to believe AT&T’s CEO about EU and APAC markets getting their 1st dibs on any Nokia products and we always get em the last. This really upsets me, Nokia talking about doubling its shares here in the US while they can’t even launch a phone on time here in the US.


Frustrations.. Frustrations.. Frustrations..

End of my Rant…

Lenny Bonsignore
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