Nokia E66 and E71 Business Phones Finally Announced

Sorry for the lack of post, As I have been busy at work and home. So Finally these phones were acknowledge by Nokia that their existence is real, not some knockoffs made in China. It has been 6 months when these phones images were leaked on websites. We have asked various Nokia employees or Execs and denies of their existence. This is by far the worst secret of all. It was even reviewed and video walk through by Web Blogs like Boy Genius Report and still wasn’t announce. Even Nokia accidentally publishing these device on their website a week early before the real announcement and Finally Monday of June 16th after Father’s Day this phone was finally Officially announced in London where the product managers on these handset held a Q&A to web bloggers and different organization. To find more info regarding the announcement of these phones click here. Now Lets talk about my takes on these device. Personally I love the E71, lets forget the existence of the E66 for a while and focus on the E71. See before the announcement I was invited to a get together with some of the web bloggers in NY and one of the bloggers had a E71 for us to play with. It was really exciting playing with the phone. That time I had the E51 which I thought was the thinnest phone. When I compared it to the E71 the E71 was way more thinner than I expected. Totally fell in love with the phone right there. Great form factor, impressing built quality, fast to navigate, QWERTY were very comfortable and have good tactile feedback. It was like a mini E90! and what so good about it is it will have US 3G.. See I fell in love with the E61i too, the only deal breaker was the lack of US 3G and it was too wide that when I put it in my pocket it was bulging out, also the battery cover in the back was very slippery. I had never thought that there would be another improvement to this since its the E61i was the improved E61. I want to buy this phone when it comes out, but that would be downgrading for me coming from the N95. I mean I’m gonna have to shed the 5MP camera to 3.2MP with a video recorder to 15FPS. I would also miss the TV out and the 3.5mm on the N95. This is really stressing me out, It will comes down to what I use the most. Anyhow as for the E66 got nothing to say on this phone other than its the successor from the E65. Very nice phone indeed, it even comes with an accelerometer. Anyways to find more info about the E66 click here.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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