Rumored Phones So called Nokia N79, N85 and 5800 XpressMedia

Just browsing the web looking for stories to publish and stumbled upon this thread on Howard Forums regarding these new leaked photos of so called Nokia N79, N85 and the Anticipated Nokia 5800 XpressMedia “aka” Tube Touch. Here is the link on where the leaked images of the rumored phones are Click Here. Also if you want to join the discussion regarding these rumored phone head on to Howard Forums. Now lets start talking about the rumored devices. Lets start with the N79 hmmnmnn.. I don’t know about this N79, It looks like a China Phone, one of does fake ones. Also it kind of resembles the N82 sort of like a 6120c size. I am counting it out, in my opinion It is possible that its a real Nokia phone, also I don’t think its a N79. 2nd the N85 well this handset looks real to me but I don’t think its a N85. Also it looks boring, too dull I rather get me a N81. And for the last one. I do believe this is the real device, I don’t know how to explain it. Just my gut feeling tells me this the one. Well I guess we just have to wait for the D-Day they launch these devices. I can’t wait for that day! I will be posting updates regarding these devices.

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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