New Alternative for Nokia Maploader


Good News for Mac and Linux users who are upset about not being able to download Nokia Maploader to their system to transfer maps to Nokia GPS enabled device. Same goes to PC users who are not an avid fan of Nokia Maploader such as myself. Just browsing the web and I stumbled upon this website, Click here to find out. Basically it lets you transfer the maps manually to your phone and even gives you tutorials on where the maps should be copied and paste to you phone. This is what I have been looking for, because I can’t seem to find out where Maploader stores the maps that I just downloaded and transfered to my phone. It just tells me that their in my device but I have no clue to what folder Maploader stores em. So for does of you PC users like me who hates Maploader this is a good site and at last for the Mac and Linux users this is a blessing for you guys.