An Evening with S60 in Boston was a Sucess!

So yes I made it to the event! Sorry for the late post as I was really tired from the travel to the event, then still had to go to work the next morning, then had to fix my Air Condition this morning, I really can’t stand the heat today. Summer is just starting. Anyways let me 1st tell you about my trip. I left NY at 2pm and arrived at Boston around 7pm. Oh I had thought I was going to be late. There was this massive traffic at Massachusetts Turnpike and the bus was barely moving. As soon as I arrived at South Station Boston I immediately called my friend Alan to check for the location. Instead of Alan telling me where its at. He asked me to make use of my N95. So I quickly opened Google Maps and made a course from where I am at to the event. Then finally met up with him. Like I said I didn’t really see alot of Boston cause I get off the station and went straight to the Event. As soon as we arrived at the event they had table of full of name tags of the invited people on the list. As I find my name I was surprise to see WOM below my name, which is my wild guess stands for WOM World Nokia. How do they know that I am affiliated with these guys? I just started my blog and was just recently connected to them. Also I didn’t even put that when I registered to be RSVP’d on the event. Oh well lets just forget about that and have fun at the event. WoW!! I really had fun at the event, met alot of die hard S60 fans, Howard Forums member guys like Joe “aka” Bostonirishguy and Errol “aka” Boston Errol. I was happy to finally meet these guys. Also met up with Guru again Ricky Cadden now works for Nokia S60 Ambassador Program, And it was good to finally meet the Great Stefan from Intomobile who now resides in Finland and works for Nokia, Thank You for the nice Finland Stories Stefan!! I wish we can visit there in the future. Also met Raj from S60 team who also resides in Finland. Great Stories Raj! Such a nice guy this guy.. I hope I can get to another event and meet up with these folks again. And also I met up again with the Head of S60 Marketing Dan Shugrue who graced us from coming at the LA Event and coming to this one also. I’m telling you these events never gets old. I had 4 mugs of the Samuel Adams Boston Ale which was really good. The appetizers were good too! Especially does mini sloppy joe’s. I had such a great time. Anyways they had a raffle for 5 Bluetooth headsets (BH-901) and the grand prize was for a Nokia N78 NAM. I didn’t win anything but I was given a goodie bad. My good friend Alan won one of the Bluetooth Headsets. Congratulations to him! Anyways I am sorry I have no personal photo shots to share as I drained the battery on my way to the event. Used my Slick for IM, browse couple of sites, followed myself using Nokia Maps and Google Maps, and listened to non stop mp3 playing. As I got to the event, phone just died on me. Lesson learned!! Next time I will make sure to bring an extra battery. On the other hand, the head of the S60 marketing was busy taking pics of the event which he uploaded them to Share on OVI. So here guys check it out! Click here.

Also here is a picture of me and Alan! Click Here. I’m the guy in the blue and Alan is the guy with the cap.

Thank You for reading my story and hope to be on the future S60 Events..

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore @LennyBons34 is Owner/Editor- in -Chief of OneTechStop, Sports fan, Tech guy, & Mailman by Day [email protected]

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