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Very hot discussion over at Howard Forums today. Members Rapolu and SR1329 are really upset with what Nokia is doing to their handsets. Seems like Nokia doesn’t want to face the upcoming rival Apple for its upcoming Apple iPhone 2.0 with rumored features like 3G capable and bunch of extra useful applications. What is going on Nokia? You promise to raise market shares in the US in the next 2 yrs. But the way its looks like you are more focus on introducing more mid range handsets here in the US. I don’t think launching more mid range handsets will help you gain more market shares in the US. Now that Smartphone Revolution has started in the US. Heck they even count the iPhone as a smartphone. RIM is introducing the Blackberry BOLD, Some HTC phone are going to come with the new OS Google Android. I think its time to think about the next flagship handset that will compete with these phones. I know the N95 can still compete with these phones but the N95 is 2yrs old, even me as user is tired of it. We need a new Nokia flagship phone!! ASAP! Don’t even say the N96 is a the next big thing. That N96 is not a flagship phone, its a long lost brother of the N95. You need to create a device that will make us say “Awwww” “WoW” again, new updated features. Or else you will have alot of S60 users jumping ships to the rumored iPhone 2.o, HTC Diamond, or the Blackberry BOLD. Please Nokia!! Do something about this. Put out the next big thing!!

Lenny Bonsignore
Lenny Bonsignore
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