Another Nokia N95 in my possesion!


In the past few weeks I have been shopping around for my next Nokia S60 phone, I couldn’t decide between the N82 and the N95. Just last week I finally made a decision and decided to pick up the black N82 for $509. While I was on my way to J&R Music World to finally get the phone. I got a voice mail from a good friend of mine lenny “aka” THETRUTH#34 from Howard Forums telling me stop and cancel my plan of buying the phone from J&R Music World and asked me to find a computer and log on to Howard Forums asap. As soon as I found an internet cafe around downtown and checked out HoFo there was a thread linking to Amazon having the N82 for $360 I rushed and purchased 1 N82. After the long weekend holiday the phone finally showed up on my front door. WoW!! I have seen the sleekness of the N82 again. Decided not to open the phone for a while, my undecided mood came to me again, there was another surge of urgency of me wanting the N95 due to 3G. Suddenly I got a call from a friend of mine up in Connecticut telling me he just got a good deal for a N95 from Best Buy. For some reason a manager made a mistake and charge him $380 for the phone. (SWEET!) Then I told him I got a good deal for a N82 as well, and he suddenly realized that I am on AT&T and the N82 doesn’t have 3G, so he asked me if for a square trade.. To end it, I just said whatever, come over and will do a trade. So far so good I don’t regret the trade.. I don’t know why, but I think I’m loving the N95-3 again. I hope this stays with me for long. My next target is the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet.