Why do Americans back down on phone without US 3G?


I just read this post from WitekUA member of Howard Forums he asked:

“Ok, I’m thinking about selling my k850 and get a new N82. I found out that it doesn’t have 3G though. What exactly is it and what will I be missing without it? Thanks”

Ok, What exactly is 3G?

Wikipedia answers: 3G is the third generation of mobile phone standards and technology, superseding 2G. It is based on the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) family of standards under the International Mobile Telecommunications programme, IMT-2000.”

Bottom line is for mobile users, 3G makes the data speed of your phone faster like broadband.

The Nokia N82 has 3G but Howard Forums member WitekUA just found out that the 3G it support is not for the US, Instead its for the Europe and the Asia Pacific market. There are no Nokia N82 that has a US 3G as of yet.

The question again is Why is 3G so important? I guess to me its a preference. Heck I can live without 3G, just give me WiFi on a phone, which is what the Nokia N82 has. Now why do I say that? Well the so called US 3G is AT&T 3G and its not even full blown yet, Its still very spotty. I don’t even have 3G signal in my house and I live in a so called 3G zone by AT&T (Queens NY). I get the full blown 3G when I get to work which is Midtown NYC. Well do I really use my mobile data at work if I have my own computer that has a T1 speed 10x faster than 3G. So the bottom line is 3G is not important to me, since like I said the signal in my house is very spotty and I rather use my WiFi, and at work where I have 3G signal, I hardly use my phone’s data.

So the conclusion to this is till the whole North America is covered with 3G, It is not that important and there are many alternatives out there for broadband data. There are so many WiFi hotspots out there that offer free services.